Healthy Dinners for Your Busy Lifestyle

Our Story

 Healthy Dinners for Your Busy Lifestyle       


Leslie & Eric Benz enjoy using the earth’s bounty to create balanced and delicious meals. They took a dilemma that is common for others and turned it into a livelihood.

Working all day and hungry after work they didn’t relish the time it took to cook a healthy meal for their family after a hard days work & a long commute. They searched for pure ingredients in packaged dinners and found no healthy alternatives in the grocery aisle.

So, with Eric’s culinary expertise and Leslie’s streamlining techniques, they created Hunter Gatherer Dinner kits, which are big on taste and short on time.

They have searched locally and nationally for unique spice & herb and ingredients which complement each dish. They created a simpler way to add your favorite cuts of meat you'd gather from the store or the game or fish that you have harvested yourself combined with healthy ancient grains and hearty bean side dishes.

Harvesting game meat yearly, Eric is a seasoned upland game and bow hunter. Leslie, a nature lover, enjoys camping, yoga, kayaking and hiking and guitar playing.

Now, they are combining a love for their entrepreneur quest in the specialty food industry. His previous career in robotics in Silicon Valley, California combined with Leslie’s background in graphic design, social media & marketing gave them the tools to pursue this path.

Presently, they live in the Blue Ridge Mountains where they are surrounded by the beautiful George Washington & Jefferson National Forest with their son and dog, Taz.

They invite you to share with them how Hunter Gatherer dinner kits have changed your meal planning, camping trip or any suggestions you may offer. They strive to provide you with the best products possible.